Why Hire an Interview Coach?

behavioral questions career advice interview coach job interview Sep 27, 2023

Yesterday someone asked me, “Why would I hire an interview coach?” 

It’s a fair question and one I thought you might have too, so I present to you: 

The Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Interview Coach

Counting down: 

  1. To gain confidence. 

Getting your answers out in a practice interview with a coach can let you know what answers are good, which to improve, and that you are NOT a total disaster. This is a reason a lot of clients who haven’t interviewed in a while decide to work with me. They need a confidence boost and some reassurance. 

  1. Together with your coach you can formulate the best quality answers possible. 

With most of my interview coaching clients, my role is to take their answers from good to great. On their own their answers weren’t bad, they just missed some key elements that can help them stand out as the top candidate. 

That’s where I come in. I help shine a light on what’s missing in your answers and together we walk through ways to create more compelling answers. (Not to brag but, after sharing specific language to strengthen an answer, many clients respond with “That’s BRILLIANT!” No lie.)

  1. Why wait until AFTER the real interview to get feedback?

This is the biggest reason to hire a coach. Asking for feedback on your interview once it’s over feels self-defeating to me. For one, if you ask after the interview they probably will say they can’t share info because that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen. And two, even if they do answer, what good is that info to you now? You can’t ask for a do-over! 

Hopefully this provides you with a bit more insight of why someone would hire an interview coach. If you want to learn more, click here.