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You don’t have to do it alone.

I get it. You’re tired in your current job sitch and want something new, but all the advice is overwhelming or unrealistic, and after a long day of work applying to one. More. job. Feels like too much.

Or maybe you’re unemployed at the moment and finding a reason to put on pants at the moment is hard enough; let alone selling yourself in a resume or at a coffee chat. 

Plus there are the added fears of rejection and mistakes, of doing it wrong. 

Here’s the thing…

If you don’t take the leap and try you’re still going to be on that couch or in that job you hate. 

Imagine instead having bite-sized steps that are so easy to take you couldn’t possibly say no. And with each step you are getting closer and closer to a job you love. 

And in the end? 

In the end, you are working in a role that is a perfect fit for you, where you feel accomplished going to work every day and you get to spend your free time doing whatever you want instead of looking for a job. 

If you’re willing to give slightly uncomfortable a try, you’re in the right place.

I’m Cass and I’m passionate about guiding you to a new job that you’ll love.

I know how confusing job searching can be.

My whole goal is to make sure you know you aren’t alone in this process and to help you cut out the noise and focus on the pieces of a job search that actually matter. Yes, you’ll need to be brave, and probably a little uncomfortable, but that’s part of the process.

My big issue with all the job search guides I read back in the day was that they all made it sound easy. “Invite someone to coffee! Tailor your resume! Network more!”

And I was sitting there thinking, “How do I leave work to have coffee with someone? How do I network and tell people I want a job without fear of it getting back to my boss? I’m spending all this time tailoring my resume and hours applying to one position and is it just a waste and I’ll never hear back?”

I wanted someone to acknowledge that the things they were asking me to do were not easy. These things are hard. 

So let’s just say it. 

Job searching can be HARD.

But, my goal is to make it easier.

It won’t be easy, but easier. And I think it could actually be fun as well. 

No, seriously.

My goal is to make you brave and confident to do the hard job search things, but to do them in a realistic way for your life and situation, while having some fun along the way.  

The feedback I’ve received is that I’m good at taking these scary processes and making them easy and attainable to achieve. 

I love to get you thinking strategically about your job search. I’m great at giving feedback to show how you’ll be perceived from the other side- whether that’s the recruiter looking at your resume, someone checking out your LinkedIn profile, or the way the interviewer hears your answers. 

My job is to make sure the best of you- your strengths and skills are shining brightly and connecting to why you’re the right person for a job. 

Through my YouTube videos, courses, and coaching, I’ve helped 1000’s of people earn jobs they love and I know I can help you too. 

Are you ready to put in the work to find a new job but just need some guidance? 


Let's do this together!

I can help because I’ve been there. 

I spent 3 years trying to leave a job with crazy coworkers, loads of travel (never as glamorous as it sounds), and not room for growth. 

Now, did I job search every day of those 3 years? No, because the process was so frustrating.

I’d gear up to apply, spend hours tailoring my resume and filling out the applications, hear crickets and then wait weeks to have the energy to try again. There was a year in there where I focused on trying to be a TV host because THAT seemed easier and more attainable than getting a new job. Seriously. 

Oh, and at the end of 3 years I ended up taking a job for less pay, out of desperation.

And you know what happened next?

I quit after 3 months for ethical reasons (And signed an NDA so that’s all you’re hearing about that). 

I spent the next 2 years freelancing in television while figuring out what I wanted to do. 

I realized that while career guides made it sound too easy, I was fascinated by the job search process. And I seemed to like strategizing resumes more than my friends. But bottom line, I didn’t want anyone to go through a job search feeling the way I had felt. 

2 years later with a graduate degree under my belt and time studying and testing all the different job search strategies, I learned what works and what doesn’t when looking for a job.

Everything I teach I’ve done myself.

What I share is what got me interviews and offers. And now through YouTube, courses, and coaching, I get to teach those same skills to you!

Some really important things to know about me: 

  • I live off iced coffee, diet Coke, and Healthade kombucha until it’s an appropriate hour to drink an Old Fashioned. 
  • I have two happy places- by a pool with a stack of magazines, or with 5 people around a table at a great restaurant
  • The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is considered a high holy day in my family. I’ve literally taken a vacation day off work to go the sale.

Don't just take my word for it! Here's what clients have to say!

Before Job Search Fast Track I was lost, anxious and nervous. After I understood networking and how to be more strategic in job hunting, more confident, and less stressed.

-I. Wang

Job Search Fast Track

Yesterday the HR asked me for some personal info and just not long ago she called me back, offering the job.

I am super happy about the news and I could not thank you enough!

You are literally the best. Before knowing you I only appreciated you a lot, now I am literally worshipping you.

-G. Vergari

Practice Interview

Before Job Search Fast Track I was unsure if my job search toolkit was established correctly in order to get attention, and was looking to make sure all my job-seeking skills were in line to receive their fullest impact. After Job Search Fast Track I had all the necessary tools to proceed confidently in my job search. Learning how to successfully find people to network with, and how to expertly connect with them was extremely helpful. 

-V. Schmitt

Job Search Fast Track

Jon Doe


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