Let's get you a job you love!

 I help job seekers earn jobs they love through practical & actionable tips to gain career confidence.

I get it. Job searching can be frustrating and confusing.

You want a new job but are frustrated by the process and not sure who has the right information, what’s the best way to spend your time, etc.

You want the job but don’t know the right way to get it.

And you'd LOVE to job search without feeling stressed. 

You want to feel good about your job search tools, confident in knowing how and what to apply for, and how to network without breaking into a sweat. 

I’m passionate about teaching you how to streamline the job search process so you can stop wasting time and find a job faster.

I want you to know what works and what doesn’t in a job search so you can find a job you love!

love a checklist! 

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Ultimate Job Search Checklist

If you need help getting on track with your job search, or you’re frustrated with your results so far, start with the Ultimate Job Search Checklist.


Get an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Create a STELLAR LinkedIn profile that will draw recruiters to message you!


Prep for your Job Interview

Got a job interview coming up? Use this interview prep checklist to make sure you're ready!


Hey! I’m Cass!

I’m a morning girl at heart, a true lark through and through. Up at 4:30 and bed by 9. I spend my days filming videos, creating content, and coaching clients on all the ins and outs of getting a job you love.

In the breaks, you’ll find me snuggling Teddy and drinking far too much iced coffee and Diet Coke. That is, until it’s an appropriate hour to drink an Old Fashioned.

I am passionate about making job searching easy, and dare I say, fun?

Let’s make it a game!

Consider me your guide to career confidence. My goal is to give you tips and tricks that are so easy you have no excuse to quit, but instead to be brave and TRY!