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Walk into your interview feeling prepped and ready with a 1-hour practice interview with an expert career strategist.

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job in your dream industry or you’re actively searching for a steady role in a new company, you know that applying for jobs is only half the process.

If you want a fulfilling, steady job that meets your skills and passions, you need to rock the interview. We all know that’s the intimidating part!

Maybe it’s been a while since you've interviewed and you feel a little rusty.

Maybe behavioral questions freak you out.

Maybe questions about your biggest weakness stump you.

Maybe you’re just not even sure what to expect from an interview for this role.

Either way, you need some help to make sure you give your best at an upcoming interview (or prepare for when the interview requests roll in).

To get the job, you just need to “practice” your interview, right?

Not necessarily.

When we were teens, our parents or teachers likely helped up practice for an interview — or you at least heard that you should practice. But as busy, working adults who are trying to find that new dream role, interview practice might be skipped for the sake of researching the company, brushing up on required skills, and so on.

If we do practice for an interview, it’s with friends or family and it usually ends in a giggle session or you don’t get any helpful (or industry-specific) feedback. And if you’re more of the “practice by doing” type, you might just think you can do a few non-ideal job interviews, get feedback, and then rock your dream interview.

If that’s you, you’ve probably never dealt with HR. The odds of getting feedback from a potential employer or their hiring team is nil to none. So what can you do?

You deserve an interview expert who can help you prepare for industry-specific interviews — and provide helpful feedback to prepare you even more.

That’s where I come in.

In my 7 years of experience as a career strategist, I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of folks hoping to find their dream job in their dream industry. The one thing I’ve learned over that time is how to paint a picture for an interviewer — one that will help you get the offer. 

I’ll show you how to do just that with my 1:1 Interview Sessions.

When you book a practice interview you'll get:  

  • 30 minutes of interview practice; answering questions specifically tailored to the role, company, and industry you are looking to work in.
  • 30 minutes of expert feedback on your PERSONAL answers and strategy on how to make the case that you are THE person for the job
  • A recording of the session so you can review the feedback and see for yourself! 


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Lost job opportunities? Expensive


Lost sleep while you worry about your interview? Irreplaceable


Confidence in your interview skills? Priceless

Don't take my word for it! Here's what past clients had to say: 

A. Lilly

"After countless interviews and no offers I knew I needed to change something. The questions asked in the practice interview were exactly what I typically get in interviews, including the historically tricky ones. Cassandra called out things I did well, as well as things for me to work on. It was helpful to build my confidence while also addressing what to do differently.

In the end, I got two job offers!! I’m also more confident in my interviewing abilities & how to answer questions."

You can absolutely get a job on your own. 

But I’m here to help you interview for the RIGHT job that you really want.

There are 2 reasons you might not get the job you interviewed for:

  1. You didn’t practice
  2. You didn’t tell a compelling story that aligned with the needs of the role. 

Which one is it for you? If you’re saying “I don’t even know what you mean by ‘aligning my story’,” then that’s likely what we need to work on.

During an interview, you need to stand out and impress to show you are the best fit for the position. To do that, you don’t just answer a few rote questions and call it a day. You want to showcase your personality, your experience, and your excitement. 

I’ll help you figure out:

  1. What to expect during the interview 
  2. The types of questions that might be asked based on the company, industry, and role
  3. What you already do well as an interviewee
  4. What you can improve upon to leave a positive impression

If you want to have the tools and confidence you need to rock the interview and know that you did your best, book your 1:1 Interview Session with me today.


These sessions are right for you if…


  • You’re frustrated by the lack of feedback from potential employers
  • You haven’t nabbed a job yet, despite interviewing frequently 
  • You’re back on the job market and you need a refresher
  • You know that you can get your dream job if you just knew how to stand out from others in the interview process
  • Practicing with your spouse or family member just isn’t cutting it

These sessions might not be the right fit if:

  • You are looking for a guaranteed job interview
  • You are applying for jobs that you don’t meet the hiring criteria for
  • You expect help following up with HR or hiring teams

Do you want to make your next interview your LAST interview? 

Invest in your career, by supporting yourself with interview coaching, specific and helpful feedback, and much-needed preparation. Let’s make sure you walk into (and out of) your next interview feeling confident that you got the job.


Here are just a few of the results I’ve gotten previous clients:

O. Boros

"Cassandra’s practice questions covered a wide range of topics and were similar to the actual interview questions. 

 And when Cass provided feedback, she did not only explain what I could do better but also explained why and provided specific suggestions/answer possibilities. This gave me new insights on how to position and market myself. It also taught me how to deal with difficult interview questions/interview questions I hadn't prepared. "

D. Salgado

"If you are on the fence about booking a practice interview, do it! It will help you so much in preparing for your interview mentally and physically.  You will not regret it! It makes a world of difference in how you view and answer interview questions."

Meet your Career Strategist

It’s so frustrating to interview and not get a job — and to not know why you aren’t getting hired. 

I’ve been working as a career strategist since 2014, and I have found that one of the biggest missing pieces from our career success is similar to anything else in life. We get better the more we pracitce.

With some outside help and feedback on their interviewing process, my clients have gone from being stuck in the same place (unemployed or at a nightmare job) to leveling up to the job of their dreams. 

By offering personalized feedback and 1:1 practice interview sessions, I’ve seen my clients step into an interview feeling confident and capable — and coming out with more job offers than before. 

I can’t wait to help you interview (and land) that amazing new job.