How to Cheat in a Job Interview | Onsite tips

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I’ve shown you how to cheat in a virtual interview, but did you know you can cheat in an in-person interview?

Now disclaimer- let’s remember I’m all for ethical behavior so we’re using the word “cheat” loosely here. Think of these as cheat codes, not actual cheating. 

Here are 3 ways to cheat in an interview: 

1. That job description is your cheat sheet. Want to know what will be asked and what to study up on? Look at that job description. 

They ask for someone with communication skills? What’s a time you communicated well? Need experience persuading stakeholders for buy-in? Start creating your example of a past experience because it WILL be asked. 

You don’t have to be surprised by interview questions. The job description will show you what you need to focus on. 

2. Infuse the company mission and values into your answers. Every company wants its employees to align to its mission and values. Show you’ve done your research and understand what they care about and that you have the same cares. 

How? Read their mission and values, check news stories, and LinkedIn and get ready to add what you learn into your answers. 

Where to naturally infuse those things you learned? In your answers to "Tell Me About Yourself",  "Why you’re interested in the position", "why do you want to work there", and "why you’re a good fit". Those are starting points. 

And to help with both tips one and two, you need to get my Impressive Interview kit that includes a company intel sheet to keep all this info in one place and a master study guide to directly answer every question from the job description. 

Okay, tip 3 and then a BONUS tip. 

3. Use visual aids and a padfolio. Is there a big project you’ve worked on that you know will somehow end up sharing about it in your answers? Create a visual aid and bring copies! This could be a chart, graph, any sort of visual with a few words that you can pass out. This helps them visualize what you can do, and gives you something to look at to stay on track. 

Nothing to create a visual around? That’s okay, if you bring a padfolio you can still write down the question you’re being asked so you can keep yourself on track. 

Don’t write word for word, but the keywords to remember!

BONUS TIP- A way to make sure you’re heads and tails above the competition is to get feedback BEFORE you interview! How? By booking a practice interview with me!

You’ll get to try out your answers, get feedback and then strategize to make even stronger, compelling stories to show you are the right person for the job. It’s an investment that could land you $1000’s more dollars!