Authentically Network Online (and get RESULTS)

Want to reach out but not sure what to say? Get the FREE "But What Do I Say?!?" Connection Messages Guidebook to steal our words and take them as your own! Welcome back to the "Creating Opportunities" channel, where we dive deep into the art of building authentic relationships for success. In today's episode, Cassandra, explores the dynamic world of online networking. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting to navigate this digital landscape, you'll find valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your networking strategy. 🔗 What to Expect: Understand why you're probably networking online without even realizing it! Learn the true meaning of authentic networking and why it's about more than just a quick exchange. Discover where to find the right platforms for meaningful connections and how to engage effectively without overthinking. Get a sneak peek into Cassandra's personal daily networking routine that helps keep both new and old relationships thriving. 📈 Networking online can lead to genuine connections and opportunities. Let's dive in and start building those vital relationships today! Start posting on LinkedIn with our FREE list of 20 Things to Post on LinkedIn: SHOP AMAZON to See our Favorite Things! It's no extra cost to you but it does give us a small percentage for giving you the recommendation SHOP → → → If you want to see EXACTLY what I buy, check out all my Favorites, in my store HERE: SPEAKING INQUIRIES 🙋🏼‍♀️ Contact: [email protected] INFO 🌟 Check out our Founder's other channel for job search advice: ABOUT This isn’t your grandpa’s networking. What if you stopped networking and instead started building intentional, authentic relationships? What if you made building authentic relationships a part of your weekly and monthly goals? What if you met cool people just for the sake of meeting cool people, and you allowed yourself to see where it takes you? At One Hello, we discourage “networking” for the sake of leverage and, instead, help you focus on building real relationships. When networking feels less transactional and more like it should (like it’s enriching our lives), that’s the sweet spot!