Get the Most Bang for Your Buck at Conferences with these Insider Tips

Want to reach out but not sure what to say? Get the FREE "But What Do I Say?!?" Connection Messages Guidebook to steal our words and take them as your own! Are you tired of attending conferences and feeling like you haven't made the most of your time and money? In this video, join Cassandra from One Hello Consulting as she shares her insider tips on how to get the most bang for your buck at conferences. Cassandra, knows the importance of balancing productivity with self-care during conferences. With her practical advice and relatable anecdotes, she'll guide you through the three stages of conference attendance: before, during, and after. Discover how to set clear goals for your conference experience, plan your schedule effectively, and make meaningful connections with fellow attendees. Learn why taking breaks and getting enough sleep are crucial for maximizing your conference experience, and how to leverage public spaces to meet new people. From initiating conversations to actively engaging with speakers and sessions, Cassandra shares actionable strategies to ensure you make the most out of every conference you attend. Plus, she provides valuable tips on following up with connections made during the event and turning conference insights into actionable steps for professional growth. Whether you're a seasoned conference-goer or attending your first event, this video is packed with practical advice to help you maximize your conference experience and achieve your professional goals. Don't miss out on Cassandra's expert tips—watch now and elevate your conference game! VIDEOS MENTIONED: How to Follow Up: How to Introduce Yourself: Start posting on LinkedIn with our FREE list of 20 Things to Post on LinkedIn: SHOP AMAZON to See our Favorite Things! It's no extra cost to you but it does give us a small percentage for giving you the recommendation SHOP → → → If you want to see EXACTLY what I buy, check out all my Favorites, in my store HERE: SPEAKING INQUIRIES 🙋🏼‍♀️ Contact: [email protected] INFO 🌟 Check out our Founder's other channel for job search advice: ABOUT This isn’t your grandpa’s networking. What if you stopped networking and instead started building intentional, authentic relationships? What if you made building authentic relationships a part of your weekly and monthly goals? What if you met cool people just for the sake of meeting cool people, and you allowed yourself to see where it takes you? At One Hello, we discourage “networking” for the sake of leverage and, instead, help you focus on building real relationships. When networking feels less transactional and more like it should (like it’s enriching our lives), that’s the sweet spot!