Why "Give First" Networking is BAD ADVICE | What to Do Instead

Want to reach out but not sure what to say? Get the FREE "But What Do I Say?!?" Connection Messages Guidebook to steal our words and take them as your own! https://www.cassthompson.com/connection In this episode, join host Cassandra Thompson as she delves into one of her strongest opinions on networking dynamics—why leading with THIS trumps the traditional advice of giving value first. Networking can often feel like a high-stakes game where you're expected to offer something valuable upfront. But Cassandra challenges this notion, arguing that focusing on care is not only more authentic but also more effective in building genuine connections. 🔍 Key Points Covered: -The pressure of giving value first and why it can backfire -Common pitfalls of offering unsolicited advice in networking -Shifting the focus from value to THIS and why it's a game-changer -Practical strategies for incorporating the new strategy into your networking routine -Why treating professional relationships like friendships leads to better outcomes Join Cassandra as she unpacks these ideas and provides actionable insights for anyone looking to navigate networking with authenticity and ease. 🎧 Listen now and discover how to create deeper, more meaningful connections in your professional life! If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more valuable content on creating opportunities through authentic relationships. Start posting on LinkedIn with our FREE list of 20 Things to Post on LinkedIn: https://www.cassthompson.com/linkedin20