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Haley Westfall, The Westfall Collective


I attended Cassandra Thompson's 3 Types of Content Working Right Now on LinkedIn Workshop and WOW - I was blown away! The immense value offered in this workshop was a game changer for upleveling my presence strategy on LinkedIn. This is an area of my business that I have not prioritized as much as I should previously and have loved implementing these strategies immediately after the call!

 Larissa Riley, Sunscribe Creative


I know there is potential for new qualified leads on LinkedIn that could potentially double the number of clients in my current roster. I also think some of the tips given in the workshop can help make content creation on LinkedIn more efficient but have also spurred me to experiment on the platform and see what works.

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The 3 Types of Content Working RIGHT NOW on LinkedIn!

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Jess Siegfried, Thrive Creative

Shifting my focus from the chaos of IG and FB to targeting solid connections and leads on LinkedIn is a no-brainer. I will use my new toolkit of information to expand my reach and potential. Plus, with Cass’ ease and humor, it was entertaining while still being informative, kept it interesting, and the time flew by.

Trixie, Hello Duchess

The most helpful part of the workshop was walking thru what content works and what doesn’t. I appreciate the details on types or posts that reach. I also appreciated learning how LinkedIn is different than other platforms. After attending this workshop, I am feeling more empowered about leveraging LinkedIn for my professional growth. I am now equipped with a clearer vision and strategy to optimize my presence on the platform and curate valuable content to share.

Are you a savvy business owner intrigued by LinkedIn's potential but unsure where to start? 

Perhaps you've heard the buzz but find LinkedIn intimidating, stuffy, or simply unfamiliar compared to the comfort of Instagram. 

Maybe you’ve heard Jenna Kutcher, Gary Vee, and other online biz gurus tout LinkedIn as the untapped social platform to be on but you just can’t figure out how you fit. 

Fear not, because I’m here to demystify LinkedIn and empower you with the tools and strategies to thrive on this dynamic platform!

Why LinkedIn, Why Now?

LinkedIn isn't just another social media platform—it's a goldmine for professionals looking to network, showcase expertise, and attract leads. If you've found yourself questioning the effectiveness of your Instagram carousels or TikTok videos, you're not alone. 

But what if there were a platform where content creation felt effortless, not exhausting?

Often overlooked or underutilized, LinkedIn is experiencing a renaissance as the go-to platform for professionals seeking to establish their brand and authentically connect with their audience. Unlike the intricacies of Instagram in 2018, LinkedIn offers a breath of fresh air with its easier approach to content creation—think TikTok circa 2020, but tailored for professionals (no dancing or lip-syncing necessary!).

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What You'll Gain:

Strategic Content Insights: Discover the 3 content types that command attention on LinkedIn, ensuring your efforts yield maximum impact.

Savvy Content Strategy: Learn which 2 content types to steer clear of, saving you precious time and effort as you navigate the platform.

Practical Execution Tips: Get hands-on guidance on executing each content type with precision, eliminating guesswork and boosting your confidence.

Why Choose this Workshop?

This isn’t one of those workshops with an hour on all the possibilities but no substance or actionable tips. I don't believe in gatekeeping or holding back—my goal is to equip you with the actions you need to immediately start seeing results on LinkedIn.

Beyond Basics: Repurposing & AI Integration

But wait, there's more! In addition to mastering the essentials of LinkedIn content, I’ll show you how to repurpose your existing content effortlessly using AI tools. Say goodbye to content creation overwhelm and hello to streamlined efficiency!

Andrea Jang, Duluth Moms

Learning more about how to create content for LinkedIn from Cassandra has made me excited to share about my business on socials again! I don't feel the overwhelm or hesitancy in sharing on LinkedIn like I sometimes do on other platforms. I am confident that I will be able to share my work consistently on LinkedIn and will make genuine connections as a result. 


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