STOP Interview Anxiety with THIS tip!

interview nerves interview tips interviews job interview Apr 25, 2022


Are you ready to stop interview anxiety? Today I’m sharing my biggest tip to make it go away.

Okay, in high school, or even earlier in elementary, did you ever have to perform in some way? A speech? A play? A musical performance? 

Were you nervous about that? What did you do to fight it? 

You practiced! 

And did you ever practice to the point where you could play the song on the piano and at the same time think about what you would do with friends this weekend?

Or recite your speech and still think about what you were going to eat for dinner that night. 

That’s the level of practice I want you to get to in your interview answers.

The best way to take away interview anxiety is to get to the point where the answers roll off your tongue and you can be thinking about something else in your head at the same time. 

It’s getting you so comfortable that it takes away anxiety and nerves. 

Now can you over-practice? Yes. That is a thing, but I'll be honest, most people I encounter haven’t gotten to that point. 

When you get to the point that you can answer tell me about yourself and think about your Starbucks order at the same time, then you take a break and don’t come back to your answers until the next day. But make sure you’ve gotten to that point before you take that breather. 

I’ve found that most people are nervous because they haven’t prepared enough, they haven’t thought enough about their answers and practiced enough to feel ready. 

Practice to the point you can think about something else and the anxiety greatly lessens. 

Now if you want help on HOW to do that, I have a course that walks you through the exact method I use to prepare and practice quickly for every interview. It’s also been used by hundreds of others to make them feel confident and ready for the interview. 


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