Recession Proof Your Career with 2 EASY Steps!

Jul 11, 2022

Hiring freezes starting to make your job search feel ice cold? Does the word recession trigger 2008 anxiety? Let’s talk about how to recession-proof your career!

If you are scared of layoffs and hiring freezes, you need to take action now. 

You need two things- a skill and people.

First, what is a skill you can beef up to either be indispensable in your current company or to use to get you in a job in the future? Would knowing more about graphic design make you a better marketer down the road? Or getting some more excel skills under your belt?

Also, what skill could you use in a freelance capacity if things go south? Start thinking about what that could be. It’s comforting to know you have some sort of backup plan to help if a layoff does come for you, or if you want to start a side hustle to bring in some extra cash. 

But more important- you need people. Networking is the #1 way to get a job, but don’t wait until you’re laid off to build your network. 

Start caring about people now! Who haven’t you talked to in a while? Who in your network works at a company you find interesting? Start checking in with people now. not asking for a job, or open positions, or wondering if they’ve heard about hiring freezes, but just asking how people are doing and what they’re up to, seeing if there are ways you can be of help. 

THEN if you do need some help in your job search a month or two from now- you’ve got people!

So start getting out there on LinkedIn or at events or in Facebook groups and in Reddit threads and meet new people, but follow up with those you already know as well. 

It seems too simple to work and that’s why I think most don’t do this. but if you keep up your network, you will have job options no matter what the economy. 

If you need more help on networking and how to do it without feeling scuzzy- that’s HALF of my course, Land a Job You Love! in it you’ll find everything you need to easily and authentiically meet and build relationships to build your career. Learn more about it HERE