How to Prepare for a Last Minute Job Interview

interview job interview tips youtube video Dec 28, 2021
last minute job interview tips




Okay you found out you have a last minute interview, like… today. Maybe in an hour. What do you do? Watch this quick video and then take action!


First- figure out your answer to tell me about yourself- what are the key things you’ve done before that this company should know about you?  What’s your past experience and one piece of that experience that relates to this job. 

Then- why are you interested in this position. Jot down bullets of WHY. Is it alignment to the company, a new challenge, what are you excited that you would get to do. 

Why are you a good fit- what are the things that set you apart from other candidates? How much past experience do you have? Or are you super passionate? Why are you the one!

Then look through that job description and see if there are any situational questions you might want to be prepared for- working in a team, multitasking, staying organized. You might not have time to fully STAR method these, but you can at least try and think of an example from your past. 

I would focus there and try to run through your answers!