Your Job Search Secret Weapon- Any Guesses?

career advice job search job search advice job search tips networking relationship building Mar 14, 2022

Have you been applying and applying but hearing crickets? It's time to start using the job search secret weapon. 

I’ll be honest, you probably already know it, and have been putting it off. 

Any guesses?

If you guessed networking you guessed right!

Now, can you get a job without networking? Yes. BUT, I will argue that it is MUCH harder to get a job you LOVE without networking. That is rare. 

Yes, we know networking (and remember- that’s simply relationship building) can get you a referral and that is GOLD and reason enough to network, but we don’t often talk about the OTHER reason networking is important. 

Networking gets you intel. 

That part never gets enough love. 

When you start building relationships at companies you want to work at you can get the inside scoop.

Is the company as great to employees as the career page makes them sound?

What about the particular department you want to work in? I’ve worked for corporations where I was treated great but someone over in a different department was working til 1am every day, coming in on Saturdays, and not getting lunch breaks. 

Glassdoor can’t give you that picture, but networking with someone in the company can. 

Is the person you’d be working under helpful? Motivating? Toxic? Crazy?-I’ve been there. 

And they can give you a leg up on what matters for the position- are there associations you should join, a certification that you won’t be considered without having, etc. People can give you the inside scoop and intel that no online review can help. 

So yes, I want you to network and authentically build relationships so that you can get referrals and of course, provide value for the other person as well, but it will also give you insight to questions the internet can’t answer. Let’s get you a job you love and not just a job.