5 Resume Mistakes Career Changers Make | Resume Tips

application tips career changer mistakes resume resume tips Jan 18, 2022


You are ready to make a career switch and you keep sending your resume out for these new positions, but you’re hearing crickets. You have the skills, you understand the industry, but something’s not clicking. 

Your resume could be the issue. 

Let’s talk about the 5 resume mistakes career changers make so you can fix them and land that job!

In no particular order here are the 5 mistakes to avoid:

  1. Using jargon/verbiage that doesn’t translate.
  2. Not highlighting hard skills of the industry or role in the skills section. 
  3. Not quantifying! -This is HUGE! Quantifying on a resume draws the eye to numbers and paints a stronger picture of what you can do.
  4. Not having a summary of qualifications. Okay, this one is actually most important. Make sure you are hitting them at the top of the page with your top 3-5 skills/experiences etc. 
  5. Including everything you’ve ever done ever. 

To hear more about each tip, like WHY it's important and how to fix it, watch my latest video above.