10 Interview Mistakes that will LOSE You The Job!

Jul 05, 2022

You made it to the interview! Congratulations! now don’t blow it! Let’s talk about the 10 interviewing mistakes that could lose you the job- including the #1 mistake I see ALL. THE. TIME.

Not practicing

If you’ve watched ANY of my other interview content this is my biggest thing.

You can’t wing it in an interview. We are not naturally disposed to talk about ourselves or our work in the manner you need to in a job interview. 

So, practice! And that’s why I have my Interview Confidence course- to show you how to practice well! 

Not researching the company

 You’ve got to do research on the company! Look at their about page. Do a google search. Make sure you are paying attention to anything that’s gone on in the news with them, but also, research to figure how you align to their mission and values. You should not be caught off guard when asked “ Why our company”

Not researching the interviewer

Make sure you look up who you’re interviewing with! You might find out you have something in common- like you went to the same school! A totally valid thing to bring up! But also research them to simply get an idea of what they do, how long they’ve been working at the company, etc. It will give you a lot more insight than you might think.

Not trying the "product"

I know, I know not everyone is working for a company that has a product, but what I mean is - if it’s possible for you to experience in some way what they provide- do it! Can you try their product, use their software, watch their show, or read their publication- make sure you do it! They will ask you about it. 

You think Buzzfeed isn’t going to ask what your favorite articles are? Or Disney won’t ask what you’re watching??

Not making the connection to the role

Throughout all your answers you want to be making the connection to the role you are interviewing for. Try to give examples that are similar to the skills needed for the role. Be thoughtful in the examples you give and even what you choose to share for tell me about yourself and why you’re a fit for the role. That last one seems obvious but many times people don’t make strong cases as to why they are the best fit! 

Not stating the obvious

This one can seem strange, but a lot of times people overlook the really obvious experience that connects and try to go for different, less obvious answers. LIke thinking “Well they already see on my resume that I’ve done recruiting at my current company for 5 years, so I’ll share how I used to ALSO recruit for my sorority.”

But no! You should be going deeper on that current recruiting. Don’t rehash your resume, but share more from those obvious experiences. 

This honestly is a subtle one that people don’t even realize they’re doing until they start to review their interview answers

Not looking the "part"

 You need to dress for the job you want and a big piece of that is dressing to company culture. If this is a casual environment, a tech startup, an advertising agency, where a put together but more casual look- no blazer necessary. 

However, if you’re going into finance, a large, established corporation, consulting- break out the suit. 

Not dressing the part makes them question if you’re a culture fit. 

Speaking poorly of an old boss

Toxic bosses are real and I’ve had them- broke a tooth once because of one. Quit a job because of another. However, discussing their toxicity in a job interview is never a good idea! They don’t know you yet to be on your side. 

Think about it like dating- if on a first date the other person keeps bashing their former girlfriend or boyfriend, doesn’t it make you sort of question THEM? We don’t want that in a job interview!

Low energy= Lack of passion

You have to bring some energy to the interview. Sometimes nerves shut us down so do what you need to to pump back up before the interview starts! Low energy looks like you don’t care and don’t want to be there. We don’t want to give that impression! So bring a bit moreo- also, non-verbals like eye contact and smiling help in bringing that energy!

Not being specific

WHEW!  This is the biggest mistake and With my interview coaching clients, this is always my biggest piece of feedback. You have to be specific because the interviewer wasn’t there and wants to go on the journey with you. First, choose a specific story- even if it’s something you do on a daily or weekly basis choose a specific occurrence. Talking in generals like “This is what I normally do” doesn’t have the same impact as last Friday when I was working with Customer X”

Then, give specific details in that story- what was your title, how many people were on the team, things like that. They need to be able to picture it. 

I think a lot of times we think examples make it too long, but they don’t have to:

I could say, "I'm going on a boat this weekend." Or I could say, "I'm going on a Carnival Cruise to Baja, Mexico this weekend." 

4 more words, but a game-changing difference in what you picture.

So start choosing specific stories and give details that help paint the picture. 

***And if you want personal feedback on your interview skills you can always book a Private 1:1 interview with me HERE.