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Let's take you from feeling lost and confused to clear and focused so you can get a job the right way. 


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Before I go over the details, let me tell you who this course is for…

  • You are looking for a full-time role, but can’t quite figure out how to get a recruiter to take the bait.


  • You’re driven, and not one to shy away from hard work, but you’d really love some guidance in this whole “finding a new job thing”.


  • You don’t want to wait a year to get a job, you’d really like that new role sooner rather than later.

Imagine if...

  • You could wake up every Monday, knowing how to spend your job search time and not be drained at the end of the day?
  • You could network without fear and actually ENJOY the experience?
  • You could get a job you love and have your time back?

Introducing Job Search Fast Track

All you need to go from confusion to clarity and land your dream job!

What happens in the course?


The right job comes when preparation meets opportunity, so we’ll focus first on getting ALL your prep out of the way so you no longer have to worry about it, and then on to your opportunity-driven job search game plan.

First, we prep.

You'll prep by creating your Personal Job Search Press Kit, including:


 In my Complete Guide to Crafting Your Best Resume, I’m giving you literally EVERYTHING you need to create a resume that earns you interviews, including:

  • How to create a format that grabs attention and gets read
  • How to tailor your resume easily to every job description without spending hours
  • What a master resume is and why it is KEY in your job search.

You’ll also get special videos for recent grads, those returning to work, and career changers. 


Yes, Cover Letters still matter. You’ll learn how to create a foundation and start creating tailored cover letters in under 30 minutes.

I’m going to share all my easy cover letter writing tips and tricks. And by the end of our time you’ll be able to have a letter ready to send out!


I’ll walk you through every piece of the LinkedIn profile, showing you what to focus on first to intrigue recruiters and hiring managers


There are some often overlooked pieces of your press kit that people never think about, but we’re going to talk about them and put them in place!

Then we'll create opportunities.

By the end of these modules you’ll be excited to network and will (SPOILER) already have started!


I’m going to share what networking is and isn’t and the mindset we need to get into as we start our new fearless networking journey!


In this session I will teach you the cornerstone piece of your opportunity-focused game plan.

You will learn and implement the key steps you need to take each week when networking and how to do them.

By the end of this hour you will know who your key players are, how to reach out to them, and what to say.

You will literally have the opportunity to put the plan together in the recorded session.

After the session you’ll be ready to start reaching out immediately, brave person that you are!


I hate elevator pitches, but when building relationships you need to be ready to introduce yourself well.

Remember they are getting to know you as much as you’re getting to know them!

You'll come up with the key message you want to share to motivate others to help you. 


This is the MOST overlooked step in job searching and I’m going to teach you all the stellar strategies to follow up with ease.

You’ll learn how often to follow up and easy ways to do it!


I’m going to show you why “Inbound” networking is so important and how you can start creating content to draw people to you.

**This step can be a game-changer to get a job faster. 


You’ll learn over 20 different ways to network and how to implement a few of them every day in as little as a minute!

Did someone ask about BONUSES??? ($700 value!)


Plan Your Search workshop ($200)

  • Those who plan are more likely to achieve their goals.In this workshop you’ll learn how to set the right goals and plan your weekly calendar to make your job search go even FASTER!

(Ya'll this is listed as a bonus, but I believe you should start HERE!)

Private Facebook Group just for Fast Trackers ($500)

  • A place just for those who attended so you can continue to help one another, feel supported in your search, and CELEBRATE each other when you get a job!


Special Offer $497  if you pay in full!

(Total Value: $5222!)


"Before Job Search Fast Track I was disorganized, at the mercy of any job that came along, working hard, but not smart. I was often frozen because I didn't want to make a mistake in the application process. Now I feel productive. My job search anxiety is (almost) gone. The tools given keep me on track and help me avoid being overwhelmed. I'm more focused, and its working, my contacts are even reaching out to me with job openings. My social media engagement has tripled, and new job opportunities are being sent my way by my connections. It’s totally worth every bit of your time, money and energy. A great resource for anyone who is even thinking about a job change or looking for work or a new career."

P. Pico


"Before Job Search Fast Track I was stuck. I was searching the internet for job search advice, revising my resume, and spinning my wheels. After taking the course I now feel energized. I have a solid job search plan and the tools to follow that plan. I’d tell anyone who’s on the fence about investing, go for it!  The information and advice given are more than worth it."

D. Hastie

Hospitality Management

"After Job Search Fast Track I had all the necessary tools to proceed confidently in my job search. Learning how to successfully find people to network with, and how to expertly connect with them was extremely helpful. 

V. Schmitt

Project Manager

Job Search Fast Track

A $5200 value

All you need to go from exhaustion to energy in your job search!


A quick recap of what's included: 

  • 10 modules to cover all your job search questions!
  • Everything you need to create a COMPLETED Job Search Press Kit (Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter) 
  • The strategies and tactics to easily build relationships in as little as 5 minutes. 
  • Worksheets, swipe files, and examples to make the job search process easier than ever.
  • 12 months access to course

"Cassandra's tips and insight into networking and conducting informational interviews made it easy for me to connect with professionals at all levels. If it hadn't been for her it would've been MUCH more uncomfortable putting myself out there to network!"

Lauren O. - NBC Universal

"Something Cassandra reiterates is that preparation is key, and she's so right! Learning how to network boosted my confidence and my likeability. I fully attribute the success of obtaining my current role to both learning how to network with Cassandra, her amazing career advice, and putting what I learned into practice."

Ari O. - Paycom

By the end of this course you'll have: 

  • A master resume you can easily tailor for each job to attract a recruiter’s attention. 
  • A LinkedIn profile that will rank you higher in search and draw people to you
  • A complete Job Search Press Kit (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more!) - everything you need to have in place to make sure you are good to go when the right opportunity becomes available.  
  • A strategic job search plan - no more confusion on where to apply or who to reach out to!
  • Already start building key relationships in your field because we aren’t going to just make a plan of who to talk to, you'll be challenged to take action and send that message immediately after training!
  • Support from me and the cohort of others learning with you, so you know you aren’t alone in this process and can get the help you need.

Some FAQs: 

Enroll in Job Search Fast Track NOW!

Give your job search a jumpstart and get a job you love FASTER!


Hey, I'm Cassandra.

I’ve been teaching this method for the last 5 years with 1-on-1 students, and these skills have landed them jobs at NBC Universal, CAA, Disney, Amazon, Riot Games and more!

My passion is helping job seekers by taking away the overwhelm and fear in the process, and making them confident to go after a job they'll love!

I guarantee you'll get value.

By the end of the course I want you to feel like the woman in this picture.

This Job Search Fast Track course will set you up for job search success.  These tools will jump start your job search; and taking action on what you learn will get you a new job faster. 


Enroll in Job Search Fast Track today!

Give your job search a jumpstart and get a job you love FASTER!

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I cannot wait to work with you!

This course came from what I know about you.

I get that at the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is work on your resume, or reach out to a stranger.

I know that when job searching you can read and watch all the info, and even take action on what you learned, but you still wonder, “Am I doing this right?”

With this course, you'll know exactly what to do and will be able to fit your job search into your life in a way that won't exhaust you! 

Enroll in Job Search Fast Track!

Give your job search a jumpstart and get a job you love FASTER!

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